Feature: Burns Beach Cafe

Should you grab something yum to eat? Or go down to the beach? Or walk your pup? He also needs to get fed too… hmm. Burns Beach Cafe in Iluka, Perth has got you covered – you can do it all!

(The team at Burns Beach cafe. Image: Bean Scene Magazine)

Talking exclusively in an interview with co-owner and Manager, Dion Blake, his love for dogs is what encouraged him to open his cafe to canines: “its fun having them around and also gives a natural energy to the venue.” Situated right next to the beach and being a popular spot for family, coast-walkers, beach goers and of course dog-walkers, Blake says because they are the only cafe in this spot, it was “an easy option” to Permit Paws. “We want all customers to be able to enjoy our venue” he says. And Blake seems to have seen it all with a few interesting stories to say that really suggest that owners can be creative with their pets! “Some people bring their dogs down in prams, especially the colder months and there are also dog birthday dress-up birthday parties from time to time where once I even had to judge best dressed complete with prizes for the winners.”


(Some of Burns Beach Cafe’s cutest customers. ImagesBurns Beach Cafe Facebook)

Burns Beach Cafe is also proud to have launched the first “doggy menu” called Doggy Num Yums, which ranges from doggy salami, diced Harvey beef with doggy jus and a K9 protein shake made with raw egg, chicken stock and water and all under the affordable price of $5 AUD – great for a cheeky treat for your pup! Blake says the idea originated from seeing a customer feed their dog a Ham and Cheese Croissant (off the ‘human’s menu), “when I looked down their dog was licking its lips and I asked them did you just give your dog that whole Croissant to which they replied yes! I was like wow ten bucks is a lot, so the next week I had put in a dog menu.” The menu has since generated so much interest that they were struggling to keep up when it first launched in February 2012.



While it is important to create animal-human boundaries – “doggy” food is always prepared in a separate kitchen and non-dog lovers are able to sit peacefully inside for a meal, Blake believes that four-legged friends should be part of the community. He says, “I feel its a no brainer to be dog friendly if you have a casual venue, we thought about all the positives and negatives before launching Doggy Num Yums and for five years we have had 95% positive feedback.”


(Image: Burns Beach Cafe Facebook)


Burns Beach Cafe 
53 Ocean Parade,
Iluka WA 6028

For more information: http://burnsbeachcafe.com.au/
Facebook: Burns Beach Cafe & Restaurant


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