Why is dog ownership so important? Health improvement

FACT: Pet ownership improves our mental and general health


It has been repetitively confirmed by scientific research over the years that owning pets has substantial benefits to our wellbeing.


  • Pet owners reported fewer doctor contacts during a one year period than non-owners
  • Presence of pets in home develops the immune system, especially in children, so that it is less sensitive to allergens and asthma in later life.
  • Children from pet owning families have less school absenteeism through illness, and are more likely to have normal levels of immune function.
  • Pet ownership is significantly associated with better attendance rates across all primary / junior classes at school.
  • Pet owners have greater self esteem, undertook more exercise, and are better able to cope with social rejection than non-pet owners.
  • Pets provide a powerful buffering effect against grief and stress; stroking a pet has been proven as an antidote to stress.
  • Study of elderly persons who had recently lost a spouse, pet ownership and strong attachment to pets were associated with significantly less depression.
  • Pets are scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular health: non-pet owners are more likely to die from a heart attack.
  • People talking to and petting a dog have lower blood pressure than when they interact with another person.

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